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Your car says a lot about you and making sure it’s always clean can contribute to an impeccable reputation. Besides, no one likes to drive around in a messy, dirty car, right?

We offer a quick solution to solving the tedious problem of car washing – a team of reliable people who will handle this task for you.

Our partners will come to your home to pick up your vehicle. They’ll take it to the best car wash in your area, give it a thorough clean as per your indications, and bring it back to your home squeaky clean.

Choose the car category that fits your vehicle (A-small, B-medium, C-large) and get a basic cleaning service. If you want any add-ons, just select your preferences. We also offer Polishing Cleaning for Panoramic Ceiling, Leather treatment, Seat Shampoo and Disinfection services as extras.


How much time does it take for you to come pick up the car ?

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We pick up the car at the time that you will select in your booking.

Do you offer same day service ?

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No, the bookings need to be made 72 hours in advance.

Is the person driving my car an experienced driver ?

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Yes, the person that will be driving your car has years of experience in doing this service.

How safe is this service ?

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All our personnel are highly vetted and insured.

What is the service fee ?

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Our company takes a 5% service fee to cover the operational costs. This is included in the price you see on Homeluxy at any time.

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