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4 Reasons Why Biweekly Cleanings Are Right For You


Choosing a cleaning frequency can be a difficult choice. We here at Homeluxy.com offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleanings and we would like to present a few arguments in order for you to choose the best service for your needs. 

A weekly service is too frequent

We’ve written before about our weekly services, but for some clients they are simply not a good fit. It can be due to time considerations as they do not have time to accommodate them in their weekly schedules, or reasons of budget. Sometimes, your home will not get that messy on a weekly basis. 

Biweekly service keeps homes healthy

Biweekly cleanings serve the purpose of ridding your home of allergens, dust and pet dander. They keep your home healthy and are still regular cleanings. Removing dust, allergens and pet dander from your home can greatly improve your family’s health.

Biweekly cleanings are more cost effective in the long run

Even though a weekly cleaning is more frequent, having a biweekly service keeps your home clean and is more cost effective. At homeluxy.com we offer a 4% discount on all bi-weekly cleanings for our recurring clients, which you can add directly when you order. 

You can prioritize the services that you need 

A bi-weekly frequency gives you more freedom to choose what you would need. We offer customizable services which you can configure directly on the site and the cleaners can focus on what you need most. 

Start your journey today! Order a cleaning with homeluxy.com and keep your frequency and benefit from weekly, biweekly and monthly discounts!

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