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How To Keep Your Pets Comfortable When You Are Out of Town

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Unfortunately as much as we would like, we cannot always take our pets with us on vacation. Of course, their emotional well being is very important, so read the article below that describes some extra steps that you can take so that your cat, dog or small animal is comfortable while you are away. 

Update your pet's ID

Before you leave, you’ll want to be sure your pet is wearing a collar with updated information on their ID tag. This will help cut down on the worry that if somehow your pet manages to get away from your home, someone will be able to return them safely. If your pet is not yet microchipped make sure to schedule a vet visit to have them microchipped. 

Leave a pet kit behind

If someone will be watching your pet at your house it’s a great idea to create a pet safety kit in case of emergencies.

You can either purchase a pet safety kit or create one yourself, but key supplies include:

Dry pet food

Water bottles

Travel bowls

Waste bags

Extra leash and collar

Thermal blanket

Pet first aid kit

Bag or plastic tote

Leave them something familiar

Just as you’ll miss your pet, they’ll miss you too! That’s why it’s a great idea to leave a piece of you behind. Keep a blanket of yours near your pet’s surroundings so they can smell your scent, and send it with them if they’ll be boarded at a shelter.

Keep things normal

No matter where your pet stays while you’re on vacation, encourage normalcy. Leave a detailed set of instructions and a written routine of their day so the pet sitter is aware of how the day should go. It’s also important to keep your pet eating the same food, playing with the same toys, and sleeping with the same blankets while you’re away. This avoids any added stress from changes to their routine.

Consider boarding your pet or hiring a pet sitter

At homeluxy.com we have a variety of services for your pets. We have dog boarding as well as cat sitting services and care for small animals. Our trusted sitters are available to ease your mind so you can relax on your dream vacation. Book below! 

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