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We are constantly developing our platform to give our users many new features to simplify their lives. Our new development for the gardening service allows you to order directly online, no extra steps. 

How does it work ? 

The idea behind this development was to offer to you an alternative to complicated quotes, a rapidly ordered service where you can do everything online. That way you can choose between 4, 6 and 8 hours of gardening, add some photos and a description of what would be needed and book the service the usual way afterwards : by selecting the time and date, adding your details and paying online. 

Once we receive your booking we will send the details along with the photos and the description to our colleagues from planning and confirm your booking. Our professional gardeners will come and do the job and you can just enjoy your free time! 

Do you also offer green waste disposal ?

We do, and we can make a separate quote for it, as this is treated on a case by case basis. You can just check the box on the site that asks if you want green waste disposal and we will contact you by email to offer you the pricing for it, based on the number of hours that you selected and the photos that you added with your booking to explain what needs to be done. 

This sounds nice, but I would still prefer a standard quote, can I get one ? 

You still have the option on the site to select a standard free quote. We can establish the free quote based on photos and your requests, as well as with a visit. You just need to select the ,,Free quote,, option on the site and add your details and we will contact you. 

What if the time is not sufficient for them to finish the work ? 

We strongly recommend that you add as much detail about what you would need as well as photos when making a booking. When we send them to our professionals they can estimate if more time is needed for your gardening project. Should you decide to order and the time would not be enough, we can continue the work by re-ordering more time. 

Need gardening work soon ? Add your zip code below and order a gardening service today! 

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