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5 Reasons Why Weekly Cleanings Are Right For You


Choosing a cleaning frequency can be a difficult choice. We here at Homeluxy.com offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleanings and we would like to present a few arguments in order for you to choose the best service for your needs. 

A weekly house cleaning means less mess

If you have ever worked with a cleaning service before, the chances are that you know what is needed and make sure to declutter before so that the cleaners can focus on what is important. 

Using a weekly cleaning service means that there is less time between cleanings so things can get messy again. With a more frequent cleaning the clutter is also minimal. 

It’s a weekly fresh start

The best feeling after a long week is to walk home into a clean and dust-free home. Most of our clients opt for weekly cleaning Thursday or Friday so that they have a fresh home for the weekend so that they can relax in a fresh pine and lemon scented home. 

It’s easier to maintain than a monthly cleaning service

If you were to hire a monthly cleaning service, there’s a lot that can happen in between cleanings. The dust can accumulate, and if you suffer from dust allergies, that will be a serious problem. If dust is an issue for you or your family because of allergies, you probably need to rid your home of dust every 1-2 weeks. 

It is a present to yourself 

Having a professional cleaning is a form of self-care. By doing this you are assuring the health of your family and you get to focus your time on something much more important and doing things that you love instead of spending this time on cleaning and clutter. 

The price is better for weekly cleanings 

At homeluxy.com we offer an 8% discount on all weekly cleanings. You can benefit from them directly on our website. When you make an order and decide on the frequency the discount will automatically be applied to your booking. 

We will also keep the frequency updated in our database and will schedule your next cleanings accordingly. 

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