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Presenting the Home Organizing Service - with Tips and Tricks From Professionals

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The Home Organizing service is the newest addition to Homeluxy’s roster of services designed to help our clients with their home needs. 

We have partnered up with professionals organizers to bring you a few services that we think our clients would enjoy : 

1. Closet Organizing 

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of clothes that you own ? Does your closet always seem messy no matter how much you are folding and tidying ? Then look no further, this is the service for you!  Our specialized organizers can help you declutter and better categorize your clothing. Plus, they can offer better storage solutions tailored to your needs specifically. 

2. Garage clearance 

Garage spaces are known for their storage usefulness however at times they can become too cluttered and you can find yourself unable to use it as intended. If you are in such a predicament and don’t know where to start we can help! Our garage clearance service is here to help you with decluttering your garage, whether you would like to just have more space or are ready to move out and need to sort through everything. 

3. Home staging 

If you are selling your home or looking to find great renters do not hesitate to select the home staging button. This service has been designed for home owners that are looking to make their homes more appealing for potential buyers or renters. You would be surprised what a difference the little details can make! 

4. Personal shopper 

Feeling lost on what to buy ? Need help finding the perfect gift or simply don’t know where to start when making a change in your wardrobe ?  We can help advise you on whatever you may need.

5. Kitchen optimizing

A lot of us struggle with the perfect organization for the kitchen space as well as the pantry. Having your tools and equipment set in a way that works for you can save you loads of time! The pantry is also one of the most dis-organized spaces in someone’s home, but we can help you with arranging and storing everything as well as adapting more sustainable storage options. 

6 .Custom services

You may have in mind something else that we do not have highlighted here. Please feel free to reach out and let us know and we can surely help you. 

Tips and tricks for keeping your home organized : 

Take inventory of your space and belongings and make sure that everything that you are keeping is useful. 

Maximize your vertical space, as it is useful for storage. 

If you have more areas that you would like to tackle, start with one at a time. 

Organize by color.

Make sure you utilize all the space that you have.

If you are ready to start your organizing journey just enter your zip code below and select the home organizing category. You can then select the services that you are most interested in or you can just drop us a message in the freestyle box for anything other that you may need. 

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