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Cleaning Myths That Don't Actually Work


There are many cleaning hacks out there today but let’s take a look at those that haven been proven to not be efficient. More detergent does not mean cleaner clothesAdding more detergent to your wash does not mean that the clothes will be cleaner, on the contrary, too much detergent creates suds which is a perfect environment for bacteria. Use the amount of detergent that is recommended for your washing machine instead. Hand washing dishes uses more water than a washing machineWhile the alternative of washing dishes by hand seems more eco-friendly than the cycle of a washing machine, you actually use more water in rinsing the dishes by hand. The average dishwasher uses 18 liters of water for a whole wash. Add as many dishes to the washing machine before starting it in order to wash more responsibly.

White vinegar is not a solution for cleaning everythingWhite vinegar is great for cleaning some stubborn stains and it is a natural alternative that we all prefer. However, keep it away from porous surfaces and tech devices. Using more products is not efficient It is a common myth that if you use more products it means that you cleaned everything more thoroughly. That is not the case as the products are designed to work for something specifically. For example, if you were to clean your oven then just use oven cleaner and not add extra degreasing products. The more harmful chemicals you add the bigger the risk for you to come into contact with them.Feather dusters do not remove dust Even if they are named so, if you decide to use a feather duster it will only spread the dust and not actually remove it. The best way to remove dust is by using a microfiber cloth.

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