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Cleaning Routine For Children's Room


Our kids model their behavior after us so it is important to teach them the responsibility of cleaning their rooms. Here is a great cleaning routine for your kid’s room.

Declutter the floors and drawers

Take 2 boxes or 2 bags and mark one of them as ,,keep,, and the other as ,,throw,,. With your children go through the whole room and sort anything that could be on the floor or in the drawers. Make sure that they throw all the trash out and put the toys back in their place. 

Make sure to rotate their toys 

Kids get easily bored of toys so make sure that you regularly switch their toys. Kids often get bored of toys and abandon them somewhere in the room, so changing the toys keeps them entertained and makes them be more careful.

Dust regularly 

Make sure to properly dust every piece of furniture as well as the windowsills. Just accumulation can be very threatening to a little one.

Wash the plush toys in the washing machine 

Plush toys can harbor dust and bacteria so make sure to wash them at 60 degrees as often as possible. This can prevent diseases and bacteria spread as well as to make sure the toys are fresh and clean so your little one can enjoy them.

Vacuum correctly

Make sure when everything is clear on the floor to vacuum. Just a reminder to never vacuum coins, legos or puzzle pieces as this can severely damage your vacuum. Use it only for dust, pet hair and dirt.

Not in the mood to clean ? Our ladies can help! Order a cleaning below and make sure to include a note if you need something special done to the children’s room.

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