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How To Better Organize Your Storage


Storage is an essential part of a home and more storage space is always a good idea. In this article we will talk more about optimizing storage in your home. 

Step 1 : Declutter regularly

Make sure to go through all your stored stuff at least once a month to make sure to keep only the necessary things. That way you can also go through your items that you no longer have use for.

Step 2: Update your storage solutions

Buy bins and boxes for the larger items and jars or small boxes for the little things. After you have your storage solutions you can start sorting and placing them in a much more organized manner. 

Step 3: Organize your items so that they are easily accessible

The ,,prime real estate, is the space between your knees and your shoulders so make sure that in that area you have the items that you use the most often.

Step 4: Don’t neglect vertical storage

Make sure you utilize the full lenght of your space, that means lots of vertical storage. Use your walls and put up shelves where you can add either boxes or hangers. 

Step 5: Invest in a label maker 

Labeling everything helps finding your thing much easier. You can get a label maker and also use it for your pantry or fridge storage. Label the boxes and jars to make sure that all your stored items are easily accessible. 

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