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How To Feng Shui Your Living Room

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Feng shui is the art of organizing your home in a way to harmonize yourself with your surroundings. Here is a list to help you shift your energies feng shui style! 

As the living space is one of the most important ones, the place where you spend your time with your family, for entertainment or relaxation it is essential to follow the following rules : 

Never place a sofa with its back to the window

Energy flow is important and by placing  your couch facing or adjacent to the window you will have natural light.

Make sure the front door is within view of each piece of furniture

People tend to get anxious when they cannot locate a door. Having them feel secure is important for good energies all around.

Make sure you have plenty of light

You can play with lights and have some mood lights around for movie night or a relaxed hanging out. 

Hang positive painting and photos

These can be motivational quotes, rich landscapes or depictions of people that smile. This attracts positive energies. 

Place a bowl of coins or crystal on your coffee table

Placing a bowl with gems, crystal or coins on your coffee table is a sign of wealth. There is no need for the crystal or gems to be authentic, as long as the intention is there it will attract wealth to your home.

Colors recommended for your living room : Colors of elements such as blue and green, earthy colors such as browns, yellows and neutrals. 

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