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How To Keep Your Home Clean And Your Pets Happy

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Having pets is one of the greatest pleasures that one can experience. Struggling with the upkeep of your home when having pets is normal. Here are some ideas that can simplify your life.

Make sure you have a pet cleaning station for the dogs 

The key for not getting your house all muddy after a walk is to keep a cleaning station close to the door for your dog. This should include a great absorbent rug as well as towels and some water so you can clean your dog before entering the house. 

Get throw pillows and blankets

The best way to keep your dog cuddling with you on the couch but avoiding the mess and smells is to invest in throw blankets that you can place in his usual spot. They can be easily washed and dried. As cats and dogs alike are mostly drawn to them as they like cozy spots, this is the ideal setting, not to mention that they look great! 

Groom your pets regularly 

Make sure you groom your cats as well as your dogs regularly. Invest in undercoat rakes in order to reduce the level of fur shedding and make sure to get nail clippers so that you do not get scratch marks on your floor. 

Invest in floor-cleaning tools

The most important thing to own when dealing with pet hair on your floors is a good vacuum. Furthermore, you can invest in a good microfiber mop as well as, if permitted, a robot vacuum that automatically takes care regularly of the hair spread around the house.

Sticky tools are the best

Keep lint rollers handy at all times. They will help you de-fur your clothes as well as your textile surfaces always. Also, try wearing rubber gloves or baby wipes when handling hair that's stuck to your furniture, it will make it much easier. 

Feeling like this is too much ? Let our professionals handle it and you just enjoy your day with your furry friends. We guarantee you will return to a spotless home! 

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