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How To Organize Your Living Room

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Your living room space is the heart of your home and it is most important that this space is functional for your family! Here are some ideas on how to optimize your living space and keep it organized.

Chose a focal point

Choose a focal point for your room that reflects your personal tastes. Picking a focal point will help you better enjoy your room. It will also be so much easier to organize your furniture around a focal point, and it also helps you create a more stylish look. To help you pick a focal point, decide how you most often use your living room, this can be the TV, the fireplace or art. 

Make sure to remove all foreign objects

In order to keep your living room more organized, all ,,foreign,, objects should be removed in a timely manner. By foreign, we mean anything that is not specifically designed for the living room. You can easily do this by taking a basket and putting in it every item that belongs in another room and returning them there. Be sure to do this at least once a week! 

Organize your shelving space correctly 

Make sure to utilize all your shelf space and place accessible storage as well as the right decorative pieces. For example, if you are not really in the mood to clean your shelves, often opt for decorative baskets and boxes instead of open storage. 

Declutter problematic zones

Every room has something called a ,,disaster zone,, which is a space where you leave all the things. For example, the famous chair where you leave all your clothes. Make sure to check on the ,,disaster zone, daily and don’t let clutter form! 

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