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How To Organize Your Pantry

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The pantry is the heart of the kitchen, the place that helps you operate and store everything useful in your kitchen. Here are some tips and tricks on how to divide your pantry in a few areas so that you can find everything easily.  

First area : Entertainment 

In this area you can store everything you would need in case you have unexpected guests : napkins, toothpicks, pre-set platters and snack trays and just generally anything needed for an impromptu gathering. Store these in the top shelf as they are not for everyday use.

Second area : Baking

Store your baking supplies in containers so that you can see your inventory clearly when you are in the mood for baking. This also helps with seeing when you are running low on certain ingredients. Add the mixes and the frostings on a nearby shelf. 

Third area : Quick and easy meals 

This can be applied to either weekend meals or quick lunches.Buy baskets and divide everything into them. For quick lunches store everything together the night before together with packing equipment, napkins and utensils. For a cool and quick weekend meal keep all the supplies requested for a meal in one basket along with the recipe. You will have everything handy for when you decide to cook a meal on the go. 

Fourth area: General food storage

This is the area where you would keep all your canned goods and everything that has a longer shelf life. Group them by type, for example vegetables, fruits, soups etc. and store them on top of each other so that you can see clearly everything you have and do a quick glance inventory. 

Fifth Zone : Breakfast zone 

Keep handy all your breakfast essentials, like for baking supplies buy transparent containers so you can clearly see all the things that you need such as cereal and toppings as well as instant breakfasts. Organize these by placing them in containers for each item.

Sixth Zone : Tools and appliances 

Appliances can take too much of your counter space and you need all the space to organize your cooking space. Place moveable appliances as well as seldom used utensils in your pantry, that way you can declutter and also keep them somewhere where they don’t occupy much space.

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