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How To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

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As spring is fast approaching, we are all eager to be closer to nature and take in as much as possible. Here are simple ways to prep your garden this spring! 

Clean your garden tools 

Preparing your garden tools is essential as they need to be ready for whenever the action starts. Remove any rust and clean and try. Disinfecting garden tools helps prevent the spread of fungus or any insect eggs to your garden. Regular maintenance for your tools would also be great, as they keep them efficient. 

Add a compost system 

Establishing your own compost system helps a great deal with reducing costs and making your own fertilizer. You can add vegetable scraps, garden materials and yard trimming to your compost.

De-weed your garden 

Removing weeds in the spring is much easier than in the summer, so go ahead and pull them out full force and make sure you get the roots. They will come off easier since they have just begun growing. 

Prune trees and shrubs for winter damage

Make sure to prune off any damaged, broken or dead branches. This practice is great for the tree as well as your safety. 

Rake matted leaves

Leaving some of last year’s leaves in your garden is ok as they will decompose and work as fertilizer. However large amounts of leaves can be damaging to your garden so make sure to get them out of the way. 

Fertilize and edge the garden beds 

Edging the garden beds helps to clearly define your garden space and is a useful trick to set up a path for instruments that you may need later such as irrigation trenches. Apply fertilizer to all tree beds and in your garden space that will be intended for vegetables or flowers.

Need a helping hand for your garden ? Or do you plan a new landscaping scheme for it ? Do not hesitate to contact our professionals! Simply add your zip code, select the gardening service and order directly on our site, depending on how much time you need!

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