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Introducing the Car Washing Service


Homeluxy strives to bring all the services that you, as a client might need. This year we are launching 2 new services and we would like to present to you the first one : Car Washing! 

How does it work ? 

Simply enter your zip code as you usually do, but instead of cleaning select the ,,Car Washing service,,. There you will notice that the booking consists of 2 parts : the basic cleaning depending on your type of car and the preset services. 

You can select whichever services you would like and then simply select the time and date when you would like your car picked up and proceed to checkout. Once you get to checkout you can enter your name, email address, address where we will pick up the car and phone number. Once you make the payment, we will receive your booking and will send it to confirmation. Once we receive your booking, we will send it to the planning for confirmation and revert to you with a confirmation. Then, just sit back and relax while we take care of everything! 

What is included ? 

The service is divided into 2 parts. The standard cleanings and the extra pre-set services. Of course, the service is entirely customizable and you select whatever you would need.

 Firstly, you need to select the type of car for the standard type of cleaning. There are 3 types : 

  • Compact cars (example: Audi A3, Golf) 

  • Estate sedan cars (example : Audi A4, Passat) 

  • Suv and prestige cars (example : Audi Q3, Touareg) 

What is included in the base cleaning ? Washing of bodywork, rims, inside of doors, windows, fuel hatch. Vacuuming of interior, carpets and rugs. Cockpit dust, windows, trunk.

The preset services which you can opt for additionally or individually are the following : 

  • Disinfection

  • Cleaning for panoramic ceiling 

  • Seat shampoo (for the 2 seats and the bench seat) 

  • Leather treatment

  • Polishing 

If you have any questions for us or would need a custom service for your car please contact us here. 

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