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Introducing The Pet Care Service


Homeluxy strives to bring all the services that you, as a client might need. This year we are launching 2 new services and we would like to present to you the second one : Pet Care Services! 

How does it work ? 

We love our pets and we would do anything for them, but sometimes life gets in the way and we get busy and our pets might suffer. This is where the pet service from homeluxy.com comes into play. We offer a variety of services that might help you on a busy day or when you go on vacation without your pets. 

All you have to do is order on the site directly. Select the service that you would need, the time and date when you would need the service. Then enter your address and your personal information and pay. Once we receive the confirmation 

The services are equivalent to one hour, but you can write in the notes that you need more time and we will contact you to make sure to set up everything according to your needs. 

What is included ? 

As stated above, the services featured on the site are usually equivalent to one hour of service. However, should you need more time for your furry friends we can adjust that, all you need to do is write in the notes that you would need more time.

Here are the services that we offer : 

Dog Walking - one of our professional pet sitters will come and take your dog for a walk. For the first time we urge you to of course be present and introduce the dog to our dog walker. 

Dog boarding (at your home) - going on vacation and don’t have anyone to take care of your dog ? No problem, we got you! Our pet sitter will come to your home, visit your dog at home, play with him, give him food and water and make sure that he is ok. Should you need this service for multiple days we can always discuss it after your initial order. 

Cat sitting (at your home) - same as for the dog boarding, for the cat sitting service the pet sitter will come, play with your cat make sure they have plenty of food and water and also clean their litter box. Should you need this service for multiple days we can always discuss it after your initial order. 

Pet nursing - is your pet under treatment and needs injections often ? Or did he suffer any kind of injury and needs his bandages changed? Our pet sitter has completed an authorized course and can come to your home for minor medical interventions, such as injections, catheter or bandage changes. 

Little animals sitting (hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits) - Pet sitting is not only for cats or dogs, but you can leave assured on vacation. Our pet sitter will come and make sure that your small pet has food, water and a clean cage. 

Horse tending - life gets busy sometimes and our horses need as much love and attention as our small pets. This service includes a check on food and water for the horse as well as some grooming, should it be necessary. 

Pet taxi - whether it's for grooming appointments or vet visits, our pet taxi is available. Add in the box the start point and the destination and we will make a quote for the ride! 

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