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Tips And Tricks For Cleaning Your Windows


Windows are the pinnacle of a household, they help with setting the mood as well as giving a good vibe to your home and when they are dirty the whole house feels dirty. We’ve prepared a few tips and tricks that can help you get the luster back to your windows! 

Chose a day that is dry and also cloudy

Cleaning your windows on a sunny day will leave the products to dry on your windows and it will leave stains. Instead, try doing this on a cloudy day when it will be easier. No rain is indicated also for obvious reasons. If the weather is not helping, try starting with the windows that are in the shade and progress from there.

Start with removing dust and dirt 

Make sure to clean the window frames first and get all the dirt and dust away because if they are still around when you apply the window cleaner it will become very messy. 

Choose your product and then apply it generously 

Choose the best product that works for you and make sure to lather it on as generously as possible. We also propose an option for a homemade natural mixture : add 2 cups of water, half a cup of white cider vinegar and 1 fourth of a cup of rubbing alcohol. 

Use a microfiber cloth instead of a squeegee

Microfiber cloths are reusable and washable and they are very malleable. Plus they are much more environmentally friendly! If you do decide to use paper towels make sure to get a brand that is resistant. The weaker ones will break and leave spots. 

Divide your cleaning

Make sure to clean your windows at least 4-5 times a year. When cleaning them, wipe one side vertically and one horizontally. That way if streaks appear on one side or the other you will know which one it is. 

Not in the mood to clean ? Our professional cleaners can also take care of your windows! Simply add that as an extra to your usual cleaning and we will take care of the rest.

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