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Ways To Reduce Plastic Usage In Your Home


In honor of plastic-free month we wanted to show you some ways in which you can reduce plastic usage in your home without impacting your lifestyle. These are simple things that you can do and that can help the environment! 

Replace plastic tupperware with glass or stainless steel ones 

Plastic tupperware is not as resistant and it can be a breeding ground for bacteria, not to mention it will not keep your food as well preserved as the stainless steel or glass containers. Switch the containers that you use when transporting the food at work or that you keep in your pantry. They are much easier to clean and preserve the food better. 

Reuse and repurpose bottles

Repurpose plastic bottles for other uses : you can create a makeshift sprinkler for your flowers or use them as containers to make ice, or even for decorative purposes. If these are not things that you normally use, then you can simply fill them for a water fountain and reuse them. 

Avoid single-use plastic 

Avoid using single use straws or cutlery at all costs. Those cannot be recycled in any way. When you order takeout, mention this to the person taking your order. You can replace them with bamboo or steel alternatives. 

Use eco-friendly self care and house care products

Nowadays there are many eco-friendly options out there. Consider switching to a bamboo toothbrush and hairbrush and try using makeup and self-care products that do not have micro plastic such as some loofahs,or lipsticks.


Make sure to use plastic bags as little as possible

If possible when shopping make sure you always have a cloth bag in order to avoid buying more and more plastic bags.There are also small reusable bags available in supermarkets for fruits and vegetables so that you won’t need to use the small ones. If you do buy plastic bags sometime make sure you reuse them for your next shopping trips! 

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