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Ways To Update Your Bedroom This Summer

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Here are some tips and tricks on how to spruce up your bedroom for the summer months, to have a cozy space where you can unwind after a warm day.

Change the bedding

Opt for a white or summer colored bedding. Adding this will quickly improve your mood and make the room more airy. Going for lighter colors is a great way to repel the summer heat also! Make sure you have plenty of natural light

In the summer months the natural light is much more powerful and the day longer so make sure that you bask in it. Give your windows a good clean before. If you are not in the mood, be sure to order your window cleaning here.

Air out the room

Make sure that you leave your windows open and let the air circulate. In the winter months we do this less often but you can take advantage of the hot weather and do it once a day. This reduces allergens and bacteria in the air.

Add plants

Plants are great for oxygen as well as keeping the high temperatures at bay. It’s a great plus that all that greenery also makes you feel like you are on a vacation!

DeclutterThis summer choose to live minimalistically. Make sure you remove all items that are of no use in order to make the room look more spacious. Need help with your summer bedroom makeover ? Whether it be with the cleaning or the decluttering, let Homeluxy help you. Order one of our services below!

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