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Weekly Cleaning Challenge : Week 1 Kitchen


Before the year ends, we want to challenge you to a weekly cleaning, room per room! So each week we will propose a cleaning checklist for each room. So are you ready ? 

Checklist : 

Step 1 : Toss old food and organize the rest. Fridge organizing is very important. Tossing the old food should be done at least one a week and this is as good a time as any. 

Step 2: Clean and sanitize your fridge. After getting rid of bad food, remove the trays and scrub your fridge down! 

Step 3: Scrub and sanitize your oven, stovetop and microwave. These are the most used parts of your kitchen, make sure to show them love and clean them! 

Step 4: Sanitize and clean your sink and the space underneath. After finishing with the stovetop make sure to show some love to your skin. A dirty sink is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Step 5: Clean and sanitize the counter space and other appliances. The counter space gets the most ,,traffic,, in the kitchen so keeping it sanitized is a priority! 

Step 6: Scrub the walls, cabinets and garbage cans. People often forget the garbage can, although it's important to sanitize it also from time to time. 

Step 7 : Vacuum and wash the floors. We are almost done! Finish off by cleaning the floors. 

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