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Weekly Cleaning Challenge : Week 2 Bathroom


We continue our series of weekly cleaning checklists with the second most important room after the kitchen, the bathroom. This is an essential room for your family and it should be cleaned weekly. Are you ready ? 

Step 1 : Clean and disinfect the toilet, sink and mirror. It is essential to have these as clean as possible. The toilet is prone to a lot of germs so it is ideal to disinfect it at least every few days. The sink and mirror can be cleaned at least one a week. 

Step 2 : Scrub and sanitize the tub and shower. The next step is to make sure that your tub and/or shower are thoroughly cleaned. This is also a step that needs to be done weekly. Make sure to show some attention to the faucets and shower heads also. 

Step 3 : Organize your medicine cabinet and clean it. Make sure that everything is stored correctly and scrub it well also. 

Step 4 : Wash the towels, shower curtains and the bath maths. Washing the shower curtains is something that people most often forget but it is essential. 

Step 5 : Organize and declutter linen closet. Make sure in your weekly clean to check your linen closet and tidy it up. 

Step 6 : Throw out expired medication and bath products. Take extra care of the medicine cabinet and throw out all expired products as they can be harmful to you and your family. 

Step 7 : Clean walls and floors. The last step of your cleaning is the walls and the floors. 

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