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Weekly Cleaning Challenge Week 3 : Bedroom


The bedroom is your temple. It is the place that you rest in so keeping it clean is very important. In the 3rd week of the cleaning challenge we will tackle all the essentials of cleaning your bedroom. 

Step 1 : Clean your curtains, blinds and windows. Having good lighting in your bedroom is very important so make sure that your windows are sparkling! 

Step 2 : Clean your mattress and wash pillows. Vacuum your mattress and throw the pillows into a gentle washing cycle. 

Step 3 : Change your bedding and clean your throw pillows and covers. The second step for a relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom is to change the bedding. Make sure you put on a cleaning bedding at least every 2 weeks and quickly wash the decorative things such as throw pillows and covers.

Step 4 : Clean your TV and other electronics. Make sure that all your electronics are also dusted and clean your screens with screen-friendly wipes. 

Step 5 : Clean and declutter night stands or any lamp tables. Wipe your surfaces and dust them then make sure you only keep your essentials there. Put the rest of the clutter back to their intended places. 

Step 6: Clean and organize your dressers. Make sure to declutter your closet and organize your clothing. 

Step 7: Clean under large furniture and shampoo carpets. Don’t forget to vacuum under your bed and to also clean your carpets! 

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