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Weekly Cleaning Challenge Week 4 : Garage


Your storage space is as important as your usable spaces. We tend to leave them to be cluttered and just throw things there and forget about them. This is why this week we will be showing some love to the garage! Are you ready ? 

Step 1 : Clean your vacuum, washer and dryer. The appliances also need some care. Make sure that these are correctly cleaned once a week. A great hack for the washer is to add a cup of vinegar and run an empty cycle. This will keep the washer smelling fresh.

Step 2 : Declutter stored seasonal belongings. Every few months make sure to sort through those winter or summer clothes or Christmas decorations. If you reevaluate these from time to time you will have much more space and only keep what you use. 

Step 3 : Vacuum and clean walls and floors. Apart from decluttering make sure to keep the space clean also, Make sure to vacuum and mop the floors as well as eliminate all dust and spider webs from the walls. 

Step 4 : Clean outdoor patio furniture. Even if it’s in storage now, make sure to clean your outdoor furniture. Your summer self will thank you later. 

Step 5 : Clean your lawn equipment. Even though its winter make sure that your lawn equipment is well maintained and prepared for the spring to come. 

Step 6 : Clean your car. Wash your car in order to keep it perfect for your family trips.

Step 7 : Pressure wash your alleyways and patio. This step is optional, especially in the winter, but a clean space, whether it's outside or inside can make all the difference! 

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