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How To Reduce Cleaning Time


 We know that cleaning is such an unpleasant chore for some even though other people take pleasure in cleaning. So this one is for the first category, here are some ways to reduce your cleaning time. 

Create a schedule 

Most people make the mistake of tackling everything in one sitting and thus they become tired really quickly. Instead, make a schedule and tackle one task per day : Monday can be laundry day, Tuesday can be vacuuming and so on. You will get to the weekend and have a super clean home and won’t even notice how time went by and when you did it! 


This applies to everything in your home and requires a little planning beforehand. It’s good to soak or treat things before the moment you actually start your cleaning. For example if you want to clean your oven add some product and let it soak overnight so that you won’t need to scrub extra hard the next day!