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Vacation Cleaning Checklist


It's summer and most of us decide to travel and have a week-long or a two-week long vacation. Here is a checklist that you should consider before leaving for vacation in order to find your home in perfect shape and you don’t have to stress about cleaning.

All areas : Vacuum and mop the floors - especially areas where there are extra crumbs, as you will risk infestation. Plus returning to clean floors is always a plus! Tidy up - Try to put all the clutter back into its place. A tidy home will make you less stressed! Unplug all appliances - You don’t know what can happen while you are away so better be safe. Kitchen : Dishes - Collect and wash all your dirty dishes or run your dishwasher before leaving. Clean all surfaces - Remove all crumbs and wipe your tables and your countertops. Take out the garbage - and also wash the garbage disposal to prevent foul odors. Clear the fridge - Take out all the food that might expire while you are away in order to prevent the spread of bacteria. Close the water taps tightly - You don’t want extra water to be added to your bill because you left your tap dripping.