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Balcony and Terrace Makeover Guide

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As summer is fast approaching we all yearn for a little more sun, so here are some easy ways to spruce up your balcony and use it as a relaxing space.

Give your balcony a good cleanThe first step in redesigning your space is to give it a good scrub! Some stubborn stains may remain. For this part, we can totally help. You can order a terrace cleaning here.Declutter We sometimes use the balcony as a storage space, however in order to better arrange your space, you will need to declutter your space. Of course, you can add a nice bench with a lot of storage space underneath.

Invest in coziness Add throw pillows, blankets and a good table that should not occupy much space especially if your space is small. Add fairy lights to make the space magical! Add some privacy As most balconies and terraces are open opt for a privacy curtain whether it’s a simple bamboo cover for the lower part of your balcony or some outdoor curtains. Make the space suite for your needsThe most important thing for your new space is that you make it your own. If you need the space to just relax or unwind give it a cosy spin. If you would like to host friends and family for Friday night drinks add a sturdy table. If you would like to work from the open space, make sure you have good seating for your back! Need to make sure your balcony is all clean before starting the project ? Order a balcony cleaning from us now! If you would like a high pressure machine cleaning we do this on demand. Please write an email to us at [email protected].

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