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Correctly Clean Your Appliances


Your basic appliances are your most trusted allies in keeping your home spotless, but they need some attention also. Read more on ways to keep them clean!


Having a decluttered refrigerator keeps your home fresh and prevents bacteria build, so we recommend that you clean your fridge at least weekly. Of course, decluttering and throwing away food should happen everyday. In order to properly clean your refrigerator, make your own solution : mix together equal parts vinegar and water and use this solution weekly or any time a spill occurs. 

We also recommend taking out all your shelves and drawers and thoroughly cleaning it once a month. 


Did you know that you should clean your dishwasher as often as you clean your shower or sink ? In order to do this, fill a cup with vinegar, place it on the top rack and run your longest and hottest program. This will prevent grime buildup and will keep your dishwasher spotless. 

We also recommend that once a month you remove all the racks and scrub it well with a toothbrush and sponges.


The biggest issue with microwaves is that since we tend to use it so much there are many spills, stains and buildup. Luckily, cleaning it is really simple. Fill a microwave bowl with water and add some lemon wedges. Then microwave the mixture until it comes to a boil. The steam will loosen all the stains and build-up and you just need to wipe it clean! 

Oven and Stove Top 

The key to keeping your stovetop and oven really clean is to act quickly so that the food rests don’t set in. So, as soon as you see some spillage once it cools down, wipe it quickly with some degreasing substance and wipes. 

If the debris has already settled in and you noticed it too late, no worries, we still have some solutions. Spray the strongest solution that you have and leave it overnight. The next morning it will be already soaked and will be removed easily. For the oven, alternatively you can also add a pan with hot water and similarly to the microwave, heat it until the boiling point is reached.The steam will loosen the build-up and you can clean it easily.

Washing Machine 

The washing machine should be indeed cleaned at least every 6 months. This helps avoid weird smells as well as keep it fresh and bacteria free. In order to properly wash it, add two cups of vinegar in the drum and run the hottest and longest cycle. After the cycle is complete, mix together one forth water and the rest vinegar and scrub the inside thoroughly. Run another hot water cycle and that's it ! 

We know that these tasks are pesky so we offer refrigerator, oven and stove top cleaning as well as microwave cleaning. Order below ! 

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