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How To Give Your Room A Colorful Life

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We have hit the mark of 1 year in quarantine and everyone is getting restless in their homes. So, we are due for a change! Here are some tips and tricks to revamp your home with minimal costs, through paint.

Make a colorful accent wall

An accent wall is a great start when it comes to interior design. The accent wall can be in a powerful color and can accentuate all the other features of the room. 

Arches are a great way to highlight your TV area

Creating a paint arch is a simple way to show off your TV space without actually needing new furniture. The effect is stunning and requires only a coat of paint! 

Geometric shapes are fun and easy to do 

Just use some tape to trace your shapes and start painting! A geometric wall will draw attention and will make your room look more sophisticated. 

Invest in pieces that make your room more colorful

Having a fun blanket and some colorful throw pillows for your couch and you bed can make all the difference. 

Change furniture around

Finally, the best way to make your home seem like new is to shuffle the furniture. Having a new placement for your couch or your bed can change the whole mood of your room. You can also paint some wooden pieces to give them a new life. 

We know that changes can be as scary as they are exciting, so Homeluxy is here to help! Not sure where to start ? Add your Zip code below and order a free quotation for painting. We can make all your ideas come to life! 

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