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How To Sanitize Your Home After The Flu

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In these trying times, a home that is disinfected keeps you and your family healthy. Read more about the steps to take for a virus-free home

Clean first

Do your usual clean, with all your usual products. Some bacteria can stay on your counters and can linger a few weeks. 

Disinfect everything

 And we mean it! Disinfect with either special products or bleach or rubbing alcohol. Pay extra attention to knobs, counters and all contact surfaces. Make sure to also keep some disinfectant for your hands from when you enter your home or handy with you at all times.

Change your sponges and clothes regularly

Bacteria lives on moist surfaces so make sure that you change your sponges and clothes that you clean with regularly, and of course the dish sponge weekly. 

Change all your sheets

After a virus a good way to purge your home is to change all the sheets and towels in your home. Make sure to wash them at a high temperature in order to eliminate any trace of contamination. 

Opt for a professional service

A team of specialized professionals that have tools and specialized equipment will do a great job of making your home germ free. If you would like, you can order our COVID-19 specialized cleaning below!

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