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It’s been more than a year since the pandemic started and we were forced to work from home. Here are the best ways to make your experience for working from home a more focused experience. 

Opt for the most productive colors

Your office space doesn’t have to be neutral or boring, you can make a playful and color space that you would be delighted to spend your work days. Paint your accent wall a nice pastel color to give your eyes a break from screen time, or some bright color if you are into it. Just try to avoid any dark color as they make spaces smaller. 

If painting your wall is too much, you can opt for a colorful rug or some colorful frames. Just make it fun! 

Make sure you get plenty of natural light

When you select the space designated for your home office, make sure you position it so it has plenty of natural light. Place your desk near a window if possible or even in front of it. The natural light helps you feel more relaxed and we all need that vitamin D! 

Add plants 

Experts suggest that having plants around increases your productivity and boosts your mood and reduces stress. So make sure you have some plants around your home office. 

Ergonomics first 

Of course, the most important part of a comfortable working from home experience is having the proper space and tools. Make sure to find a correct chair well suited for your needs as well as a good desk. Mouses and keypads with a good form are also important. 

Declutter your space

As we did not plan for staying home so long, having a proper office space was not on the priority list. However, now that we are here, the best way to ensure that your space is functional is to declutter the space first. Anything that is not needed there should go. This makes the space much more accessible and grows your focus. 

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