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What Equipment and Products Are Used For A Successful Cleaning

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Here is a list of what a professional needs in order to make your home sparkling clean.

Equipments : 

Vacuum cleaner : This is definitely a must-have for all households, especially if you have carpeted flooring. 

Microfiber cloths : They are great for all surfaces as they are gentle and will not leave marks on your furniture. It is indicated to have at least 4 : 2 for the bathroom, one for the kitchen and one for dusting the furniture.

Bucket and Mop : A flat mop is preferred in order to access the trickier parts of your home.

Rubber gloves : A good fair of rubber gloves is a great way to protect your hands from chemicals in all products. 

Dustpan and broom : Ideal for taking care of dust, fur and dirt. 

Squeegee : Of course, most used for cleaning windows but did you know that it can also help with building on the tiles in the shower ? 

Cleaning products : 

Degreasing product : Any home should have a degreasing product to take care of all the build-ups in the kitchen.

Limescale product : Limescale builds up especially in the bathroom but it can also attack kitchen faucets and tiles. 

All-purpose cleaner : Useful for bathroom, kitchen and anything in between. 

Glass cleaner : the special formula in the glass cleaner permits you to clean your windows, mirrors and tables without leaving any stains. 

Wood cleaner : Similar to the glass cleaner this is used for all wood surfaces including flooring in order to give the best treatment. 

Antibacterial sprays and wipes : Of course, these are essential for keeping your home safe. 

White vinegar and baking soda : This is more of a non chemical cleaner, but just as effective for unclogging drains or cleaning stubborn stains. 

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